MR160 Cargo X-Ray Scanner

Tunnel Scanning for large scale cargo and pallets.
























MR160 CargoAdvanced X-Ray Conveyor Scanner


  • For detection of potentially harmful threats and enable you to protect both staff and premises
  • Load pallets using forklift for efficient screening
  • Process loads up to 3000kg using robust chain driven rollers
  • Largest X-Ray tunnel for scanning of oversized loads
  • 7 Colour recognition and superior image quality
  • Instantly view x-rayed images
  • User friendly touchscreen interface


The MR160 Cargo is the perfect security solution for the inspection of large, palletised cargo. With its low conveyor design making it easy to load and unload cargo and goods.
The use of our 7-colour image recognition, enables the user to break down the scanned item by atomic number and identify items with ease.

The MR160 Cargo Scanner can detect weapons, explosives, knives, drugs and other dangerous objects in a matter of seconds.

With the new restrictions on the number of deliveries allowed to an individual site in London the MR160 is the perfect solution to consolidate deliveries off site, screen in bulk and then transport into the City in minimal deliveries.






Optional software enhances threat detection

Threat Image Projection

Optional training tool for your scanner


Add entry and/or exit rollers as required

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  • Touchscreen PC monitors
  • Real-time self-diagnostics
  • Ability to invert images
  • Displaying organic objects with atomic numbers
  • Inspected item counter
  • 36AWG Wire resolution
  • Automatic saving of X-Ray images in JPEG Format.

Services included

  • Onsite Threat Assessment and Advice on implementation of X Ray security screening
  • Using our wealth of knowledge, we will produce a detailed implementation plan to ensure a smooth delivery and installation process
  • Full Operator training
  • Place on our advanced Safe or Suspect course.


We also offer Radiation Protection Supervisor Courses, Group Safe and Suspect Courses at your site and Advice on Local Rules

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Up to date training

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Full Support and dedicated Account Manager

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Free Threat Assessments

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