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Non-contact portable temperature monitoring

Staff & Visitor Temperature Checker

Easily check visitor's temperatures at the door





































MR TempCheck Body temperature detection

The MRTempCheck has been developed to replace the requirement for traditional fixed temperature cameras that need installation, user training and IT support.

This reliable technology is an effective, portable, easy set up, and unintrusive tool for detecting body temperature simply by placing your wrist within 2cm of the unit.

The MR TempCheck is a self-service solution and it does not have to be operated by a member of staff, so the 2 Meter Social Distancing rules can be maintained. Businesses of all types are using this equipment to detect if someone who intends to enter their offices, shops or any other premises have a temperature; which is a good indicator of infection risk to your staff and others.

Some people may have a temperature for a variety of reasons and there are no guarantees that someone with COVID-19 has a temperature, but our equipment will:

  • Give staff and visitors the confidence that you are taking steps to limit the risk to them
  • Minimise risk by reducing the number of potentially unwell people entering the building
  • Give you the ability to screen without contact and using non-invasive detection to avoid cross contamination
  • Be portable, quick and easy to set up and to use for rapid deployment
  • Offer an instant alert by triggering a visual and voice alarm if an abnormal temperature is detected.
  • No maintenance requirements or ongoing fees making it cost-effective and far lower priced than conventional temperature camera versions
  • Be pre-programmed with UK voice commands and will be delivered to your premises ready to use.

The device only needs to be plugged in. Users simply place their wrist near the temperature reader to have their body temperature scanned.  Once placed in position, the reader will calculate the human body temperature with an accuracy of 99.7%.  

Within a second, the device will read the temperature, and display this reading on the 7’’ LCD screen. If an abnormal temperature is detected then the light flashes, a voice alarm sounds, and you can intervene.













Reliable and unintrusive screening of large numbers of people

Reliable and unintrusive screening of large numbers of people
Within a second, the device will read the body temperature of the user and this will appear on the 7’’ LCD Screen.  The onscreen display highlights other important information, such as:

  • Environment - displays the environment temperature
  • Alarm Counts – how many times the alarm has been raised by an abnormal temperature
  • Normal Counts – how many times human body temperature has been scanned
  • Alarm Threshold – the temperature that will trigger the alert


Use the MRTempCheck anywhere
The MRTempCheck is extremely versatile and can be used indoors or outside in the harshest of conditions. It has been designed for both permanent use (and can be fixed against a wall) or can be used portably with its purpose build stand.

Weighing only 10.5kg the MRTempCheck comes with its own heavy duty, stainless steel stand and power cable sufficiently long enough for most situations.

Ease of use
One of the most important features of the MRTempCheck is that it is so simple to use. The controls are intuitive and there is no requirement to calibrate the device making it suitable for any member of your staff to use.


Why choose MyGroupSecurity
The MRTempCheck is a reliable and cost-effective tool. We offer purchase and rental options along with user training. We are extremely keen to show off this device and are happy to demonstrate it at your premises with no obligation. To arrange a demonstration please contact our friendly team on 01322 288890.


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  • Setup and begin screening within 60 seconds
  • Detection of temperature within 10 seconds
  • Mains powered
  • Cost effective with no installation or maintenance costs
  • For use indoors and outside in all conditions
  • Safe - zero radiation or emitions

General dimensions

Unit weight: 10.5kg

Unit (WxD): 36cm x 6.8cm
Base (WxDxH): 25cm x 25cm x 125cm