Mobile Scanning


Portable scanning and mobile security

MR380 and MR760 mobile scanners

Portable scanner for screening items in public spaces


MR380 / MR760 mobile scanners

Abandoned luggage, parcels and other items in a public area where people gather, represent a potential security threat and cause for alarm to staff and customers when they are discovered or reported. Even though your staff members may believe it to be just a bag that someone has forgotten they will not want to disturb it resulting in an evacuation, especially when the media is reporting a higher security status.

The alternative is lightweight, compact and ready and easy to use when needed. These portable devices send a detailed image of what is hidden inside a bag, parcel or an item of luggage within 5 seconds.

Ideal for public spaces; these units are easily set-up around a suspect item then use the software on a laptop to trigger the targeted X-Ray beam, and the results are sent back to the operator ready for analysis. The image can then be saved, printed or emailed as part of your escalation process.

Full operator training is provided so your staff know what actions and protocols are needed so that the suspect item is dealt with effectively and with minimum impact on your business.

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  • Extra-long life battery with fast charger
  • Linear diode array sensor
  • 40AWG wire resolution
  • Up to 30mm steel penetration
  • 5 second booting time
  • Pan, Zoom and measure distance


General dimensions

MR380 Active area: 307mm (W) x 230mm(H)
383mm Diagonal
MR760 Active area: 614 (W) x 460mm (H)
762mm Diagonal
MR380 Weight: 3.5Kg
MR760 Weight: 9.5Kg

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