Mailroom Security X-ray Scanning Training

Advanced training for protection against explosive, incendiary, chemical, powder and malicious threats that your business may face

Advanced x-ray security training

Our training programmes, run by trainers with over 25 years anti-terrorism experience, are designed to help you get the best from your equipment, and the best from your staff using your equipment so you can be assured that you will able to detect a threat and you will know exactly what to do when a threat is discovered.

Our Safe or Suspect training course is available for everyone and is especially relevant for anyone who is:


  • responsible for risk management or contingency planning


  • responsible for facilities management or security


In addition to increasing your knowledge regarding threats it also promotes positive thinking about your pre-existing arrangements and how these can be enhanced.

The course is also suitable for any member of your team/organisation responsible for handling incoming mail or couriered parcels including font of house and postroom staff that use the screening equipment.

Many companies rethink their current arrangements after having received or handling a threat and the course helps affected staff with any uncertainty and questions they have.

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We hold our courses several times a year at our offices or they can be run for your staff on an ad hoc basis at your premises and alongside your own equipment.

What you will learn

  • Threat assessment, profiling an individual and how a threat is carried out.
  • The different types of explosive devices
  • The detailed makeup and components of an IED
  • What to do if you discover an explosive threat (as instructed by the Police)
  • The information required by the emergency services when calling in a suspect device
  • The different types of Chemical, Biological and Radiological threats


Learn more about our courses

For additional information about what the course covers, costs and when and where we are running our next course please contact us on 01322 288890 or complete the sections below to receive more information.

Why you will be safe with equipment from

Latest X-Ray technology

Advanced X-Ray security equipment designed and built in the UK so you get the best protection.

Over 25 years’ experience

Ensuring you get the best advice.

Up to date training

Free but invaluable Safe or Suspect course places and user training with all our equipment.

Full Support and dedicated Account Manager

Phone and engineer support nationwide, Bi-annual visits and direct number to your Account Manager.

Free Threat Assessments

Ensuring your staff and premises are safe, and to help you choose suitable and relevant equipment with full training for your organisation.