Safe and effective technology for the protection of your staff, premises and events.

  • Advanced screening of people for detection of concealed weapons
  • Screen mail, deliveries and bags for threats at entry points to your premises
  • Portable equipment for detection of hazardous substances or explosive devices

Security for businesses has become a necessity and your customers and staff trust you to protect them against ever increasing threats.

Armed with right knowledge and equipment you can effectively yet unobtrusively maintain that trust without interrupting business.

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Our products & services

X Ray Cabinet Scanners

X-Ray Cabinet mail and parcel Scanners

X Ray Conveyor Security Scanners

X-Ray Conveyor Security Scanners

X Ray Cargo Security Scanners

X-Ray Cargo Security Scanners

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Metal Detection



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Trace Detection

X-Ray Post Security Scanners

If post scanners and mailroom security are required or have now become more critical to your organisation then an X-Ray scanner will protect your staff and business by scanning your incoming letters, parcels and baggage and detecting:

  • explosives (letter bombs)
  • chemical and biological threats
  • weapons
  • drugs
  • malicious mail

We provide a variety of solutions depending on your individual requirements, including cabinet scanners which will easily fit into any space and larger conveyor scanners for higher volumes/sizes of incoming mail.

Before you begin looking at products we recommend arranging a visit from a Threat Assessment Officer who will produce a confidential risk assessment report detailing what areas of your postroom and incoming mail process are vulnerable. We will arrange this visit at a time suitable for you and with any other relevant members of staff as required.

A fully trained engineer will provide installation, full operator training, image analysis and device detection training, and maintenance cover. We will also arrange for a key member of your team to attend our Safe and Suspect course as part of the implementation of your equipment. Mailroom-Security are fully compliant with all HSE and international safety standards and can remove and dispose of existing equipment.

Mail Threats

The threat from suspect devices is not exclusive to one industry or sector. A threat in the post can come in many different forms and it is important to have the facility to identify any possible threats aimed at your staff or organisation.

These cleverly concealed threats could be an explosive combining a power source and a trigger such as a parcel or letter bomb, a powder or even a hoax, but if delivered and any of these items are opened; they all have devastating consequences. As an example, a powder threat can easily be delivered as the material is light and is very often hard to detect. A hoax, if not handled correctly can also disrupt the running of your business; resulting in a loss of revenue through evacuation of your premises or damage to corporate image.

Threat detection training

The most effective way of securing your premises from postal threats is to ensure that any staff who use X-Ray screening equipment are trained and that their training is up to date. The operators and security staff who attend our courses will gain a clear understanding of how to determine if an item is “Safe or Suspect”. They will know what actions and protocols are needed so that the suspect item is dealt with effectively, with minimum impact on your business.

What our customers say


Working alongside My Group Security is always a pleasure, they are very knowledgeable and always willing to provide suggestions and solutions to any issues we may have. Right from the ordering, delivery, installation, and aftercare service. I would like to pass my thanks to them for their continued support.

Dave Lanning

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My Group Security were extremely knowledgeable and helped seamlessly deliver, install and implement the required postage scanner and associated training to our client. Could not be happier with the level of service or professionalism.

Wendy Reynolds