Metal Detection for Security

Effectively screen people entering your premises

Detection of concealed weapons and restricted metal items

  • Archway and handheld metal detection
  • Used for security purposes and asset protection
  • Quickly and effectively screen people for concealed metallic items
  • Can be used for premises and events security
  • Use as a stand alone unit or as part of a wider security solution
  • Detect concealed weapons such as guns, knives and blades, plus restricted items such as mobile phones.

Metal Detection for security and asset protection

Metal detection is an effective way of screening people entering your premises for concealed weapons such as guns, and knives. Not only used for security screening, metal detection is also used for asset protection to identify metallic products being removed from a workplace, and is also used to detect contraband and restricted items such as mobile phones.

These effective yet easy to use devices are used for a variety of security solutions including highly secure areas such as airports and prisons, but increasingly are used at the entrances of public buildings and events venues.

Using My Group Security’s range of archway, handheld and latest technology, ferromagnetic and metal detection equipment you can identify metal items as small as a needle up to larger bladed weapons and guns.