Threat Assessment for your business or organisation

Crucial for your security and carried out by a trained Threat Assessment Officer

On site Threat Assessment detailing where your organisation is exposed to threats

If you are not already using any X-Ray screening or security equipment then our Threat Assessment is the most important part of our service to you.

The Threat Assessment

We carry out this assessment at your premises (and will do this for each of your sites if you have multiple offices) with the assistance of your Postroom or Security Manager.

If you are already using equipment to screen your incoming mail then a Threat Assessment will ensure that your equipment, operators and processes are ready for any threat that you may encounter.

This Assessment can take as little as 20 minutes to complete but we offer you as much time as you need depending on your questions and requirements.

Your Threat Assessment Report

Afterwards we will leave you with a confidential report which details the areas where your organisation is exposed and how you can protect your premises and staff. This will also highlight and inform you of best practices for handling suspect items.

Our Threat Assessment Officers are fully trained and if required will then guide you through our range of equipment and training options so you can make an informed choice based on your requirements such as volumes of post (including parcels from couriers), where the equipment should be located and who needs to use it.

Why you need a Threat Assessment

  • How exposed is your organisation to a threat concealed in an item of post or a bag?
  • Who handles these items?
  • What impact would this have if a threat got through?

We help our customers answer these questions and then show you how you can protect yourselves against real threats, hoaxes and what to do if you discover a threat. Our Assessments are carried out by trained Mailroom Security Consultants, are no obligation and the report is yours to keep to use.

Arrange a Threat Assessment

To arrange a no obligation Threat Assessment or for more information about this or other services please contact us by phone on 01322 288890 or complete the sections below to receive more information.