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Norfolk Police using latest knife detection technology

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PRESS RELEASE 09/11/2021

Kent based company, My Group Solutions, are helping Norfolk Police by supplying their MR360 Pro Search Pole to identify individuals carrying knives and blades.

What is Operation Sceptre

Operation Sceptre gets underway on Monday 9th November and brings Police Forces across the country together to tackle knife crime.

In the year ending March 2021, there were around 41,000 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales, of these 224 were fatal. As part of Operation Sceptre, Police Forces will continue working to make our communities safer.

Knife crime is any crime that involves a knife whether it is used or not. This includes carrying a knife, threatening someone with a knife and someone under 18 trying to buy a knife. The police take a robust approach to anyone found to be illegally in possession of a knife or bladed article in public so it is vital that they have the technology to detect these people; helping to prevent knife crime offences from happening in the first place.

Follow the campaign on social media using the #OpSceptre hashtag.

Norfolk Police

Norfolk Police as part of Operation Sceptre have invited My Group Solutions to demonstrate their latest knife detection solution to local businesses and venues. Starting on 9th November, Norfolk Police will be using the MR360 Pro Search Pole in Norwich in night clubs, train stations, a school and shopping centres.

Steve Rogers, Managing Director of My Group Solutions, said: “We are extremely honoured to be asked to be part of this important campaign and keen to show what our products can do to assist the police in getting knives off the streets”.

“The police presence along with visible new detection technology will be a deterrent in itself, but having these devices in place across venues and public places will mean people carrying knives will have nowhere to hide”.

Who are My Group Solutions and My Group Security

My Group Security is a My Group Solutions company and we have been supplying security equipment to UK businesses since 1995. Our professional team is backed up by trained engineers and security experts who specialise in protecting businesses, their staff and clients.

Many of the UK’s biggest organisations rely on our security products and our equipment is used by: law firms, ports, councils, government departments, police forces, universities and schools, embassies and associations.

My Group Security supply and support the latest technology security products including x-ray postal scanners, handheld and walkthrough metal detection and trace detectors. These devices will protect your organisation’s staff, premises and events from threats in letters, packages, bags or concealed on persons. My Group’s highly trained team now offer professional advice, equipment and ongoing support for any organisation concerned about safety and security.

What does the MR360 Pro Search Pole do

The worrying statistics for knife crime, and numerous news stories in the media involving knives being carried and taken into venues, has led to the requirement for new non-invasive technology to detect blades and other metal objects. Without adequate detection, people can easily conceal knives and sharp objects within clothing and in bags. Fast and reliable detection helps to prevent the use of these items in the first place and can save lives.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people don’t carry knives or get involved with knife crime so any detection process used by venues or police forces need to be fast, reliable and allow these innocent people to continue about their day or evening.

Reliable and unintrusive screening of large numbers of people

The MR360 PRO is ideal for screening large numbers of individuals and is already used at a wide range of private and public places by the police, security companies and entertainment venues. The unintrusive nature of this technology means that when used at events it eliminates queues at security checkpoints; negating the need for multiple bag searches, invasive pat downs or waving metal detection wands and it has no detriment to the customer experience.

To assist with the fast screening of people the new 5-Zone Detection feature indicates the location of the item or items detected. The 5 zones cover the entire detection area from head to toe and improves the efficiency of the operator who now has a smaller area to target with secondary screening if required.

Harmless ferromagnetic detection

The MR360 PRO search pole uses harmless ferromagnetic waves to detect ferrous metals which all knives and firearms are made of. The device does not radiate, but monitors changes to the ambient magnetic field using sensors making it safe to use in public places, for the device operators and the individuals being screened.

Typically a knife blade can be detected at a distance of 1 meter, but the MR360 PRO has several detection settings to allow for the detection of the smallest metal items such as credit card knives and razor blades through to larger firearms. Unlike most conventional metal detectors, stationary metal objects will not cause false alarms, no matter how close the item is; this makes the product extremely effective for screening members of the public where false alarms are a nuisance.

Can be used indoors or outside

Flexibility is key so this product has been designed for both permanent use (and can be fixed against a wall) or can be used portably. The MR360 PRO Search Pole can be used indoors or outside in the harshest of conditions with the internal battery lasting over 16 hours after a 3-hour charge. Alternately this product can be plugged into a standard mains socket.

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