Metal Detection

Handheld Metal Detection

Handheld Metal Detection

Handheld metal detectors are used both for primary and secondary security screening. They are used to detect concealed metal threats such as knives and guns but can also be used for asset protection. When used in conjunction with archway metal detection or walk by metal detection the handheld scanner is used after a person has triggered an alarm. The smaller handheld metal detectors can then be used to precisely find the metal object target that triggered the alarm. In the right situation handheld metal detectors can also be used for primary screening.

Handheld metal detectors are utilised in a wide variety of security applications and are used by the police, airports, prisons and event security.

Due to the nature of their use handheld metal detectors need to be easy to use, mobile and rugged.

My Group Security supplies handheld metal detectors that are manufactured by Garrett in the USA to the highest standard in quality and are already used throughout the UK.

Dimensions and weight:
Width: 8.3cm
Thickness: 4.13cm
Length: 42cm
Weight: 500g

The Garrett Super Scanner®V has become a long-time favourite and is widely recognised by security and law enforcement professionals worldwide. It’s ease of use, extreme sensitivity, cost effective and robust design makes it the ideal tool to detect knives, blades, guns, needles and electronic components and removes the needs for pat downs during security screening.

Product features:

  • Simple one switch operation
  • Superb sensitivity
  • Does not require adjustments
  • Rugged, high-impact ABS case for extra durability
  • Detects razor blade from 3 inches
  • Large scan surface for quick, thorough scanning and efficiency
  • Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED light indicates the detection of metal
  • Eliminates detection of nearby ambient metal

Dimensions and weight:
Width: 8.3cm
Thickness: 3.2cm
Length: 48.3cm
Weight: 53kg

The Garrett SuperWand® is an effective security screening tool. The SuperWand® offers traditional sensitivity across the scan area but also offers tip pinpointing for precision detection of ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and other metallic objects. The easy to use settings include a choice of audible or silent vibrate/LED alarm for conspicuous detecting.

Product features:

  • Optimum sensitivity with automatic retuning – no need to adjust
  • Accurate detection of all ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, contraband and other metallic objects
  • Elongated profile offers 360° detection coverage plus tip pinpointing for easy scanning from head to toe
  • Easy and convenient to use with one-touch button and three LED lights
  • Clear audible or Silent/Vibrate/LED alarm
  • Rugged construction for impact absorption
  • Large 9.5″ scan area allows scanning with minimum passes
  • Ergonomically designed grip
    Power switch and LEDs positioned for easy access and high visibility

Dimensions and weight:
Thickness: 3.8cm
Length: 22cm
Weight: 200g

The Garrett THD™ or Tactical Handheld Detector was designed for the most demanding law enforcement and security scenarios. This unit has a 360° detection field and is completely weather-proof, has a slip-free handle and rugged construction. The THD™ also includes a bright LED torch at the tip of scanner for use in low light.

Product features:

  • Highly sensitive detection without need for adjustment
  • Detects ferrous and non-ferrous, stainless steel and other metallic objects
  • Waterproof with slip free handle
  • Robust construction and built to withstand the most demanding applications
  • Full 360° degree detection area
  • Bright LED flashlight at tip of scanner for use in low light

Our handheld metal detectors can normally be dispatched within 24 hours for next working day delivery, across the UK. Our Garrett handhelds are manufactured in the USA and are genuine Garrett products that include a 2-year warranty.

If your business or team needs to detect weapons such as knives or guns, contraband or to protect against theft then please contact our team on 01322 288890. Our security experts are happy to help if you have any questions about your organisation or event’s specific requirements and can offer threat assessments and additional training to give you extra peace of mind.

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