Metal Detection

MR360 Search Pole

MR360 Search Pole

Detect guns, knives and blades quickly and efficiently. Portable ferromagnetic screening of large numbers of people.

About this product

The MR360 PRO Search Pole was developed to replace the requirement for traditional fixed metal detection and body searches. This new technology is an effective, reliable, unintrusive tool used to detect:

  • firearms
  • knives/blades
  • contraband (i.e. mobiles)

The device can be used anywhere and to use it you just need someone to walk past. Settings can be changed so it does not activate alarms if someone is carrying a mobile or wearing a watch or belt but will if they are carrying a knife or a gun. It will also process 50 individuals per minute and does not even require the person to stop, leaving innocent people to go about their business. If an item is detected then the light flashes and you can intervene.

Reliable and unintrusive screening of large numbers of people

The MR360 PRO is ideal for screening large numbers of individuals and is used at a wide range of private and public places by the police, security companies and entertainment venues. The unintrusive nature of this technology means that when used at events it eliminates queues at security checkpoints; negating the need for multiple bag searches, and it has no detriment to the customer experience.

Harmless ferromagnetic detection

The MR360 PRO search pole uses harmless ferromagnetic waves to detect ferrous metals which all knives and firearms are made of.

Unlike most conventional metal detectors, stationary metal objects will not cause false alarms, no matter how close the item is. The ferromagnetic field has the capability of scanning through concrete, brick, wooden or plasterboard and makes it ideal for covert use and is tamperproof. Typically a knife blade can be detected at a distance of 1 meter. The device does not radiate or emit making it safe to use in public places, for the device operators and the individuals being screened.

Ease of use

One of the most important features of the MR360 PRO is that it is so simple to use. The touch screen is intuitive and there is no requirement to calibrate the device making it suitable for any member of your security team to use.

Advanced detection capabilities

The MR360 PRO has several detection settings to allow for the detection of the smallest items such as mobile phones, razors and small knives through to larger firearms. This makes the MR360 ideal for use where contraband is forbidden (such as prisons) but also extremely effective for screening members of the public for mass-casualty weapons where false alarms are a nuisance.

Use the MR360 PRO anywhere

The MR360 PRO Search Pole is extremely versatile and can be used indoors or outside in the harshest of conditions. It has been designed for both permanent use (and can be fixed against a wall) or can be used portably.
Weighing only 10kg the MR360 comes with its own stand, carry-case and internal 12V DC battery pack which is ready to use within 60 seconds. The internal battery lasts over 16 hours after a 3-hour charge or alternately can be plugged into a mains socket.

Precision 5-Zone Detection

The new 5-Zone Detection feature indicates the location of the item or items detected. The 5 zones cover the entire detection area from head to toe and improves the efficiency of the operator who now has a smaller area to target with secondary screening.

  • Setup and begin screening within 60 seconds
  • Detection of firearms, knives, razors, needles and mobile phones
  • Mains powered or battery
  • 16+ hours battery life
  • For use indoors and outside in all conditions
  • Touch screen interface
  • Covert screening
  • Trigger area indication
  • Safe – zero radiation or emissions

Unit weight: 10kg
Base weight: 13kg
Unit (WxDxH): 9.4cm x 10.6cm x 183.5cm
Base (WxDxH): 34cm x 34cm x 36cm

Battery: 12V DC 4.5Ah sealed lead acid 100/240V AC

Unit run time: 16+ hours

Battery charge time: 3 hours

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