Cabinet Scanner

MR40 X-Ray Cabinet Mail Scanner

MR40 X-Ray Cabinet Mail Scanner

Large cabinet scanner for protection against IEDs, powder threats and malicious items.

Features and Benefits

  • Largest cabinet available
  • Delivers superior image quality
  • Instantly view x-rayed images
  • User friendly touchscreen designed for use by all staff
  • For use anywhere in your organisation
  • One touch send-to-email function
  • Enhanced EPD software allows greater recognition of powder
  • 3 Point density alert – define elements such as detonators and batteries

The MR40 provides one of the largest scanning cabinets available but has a footprint of just 0.3 square meters so it will easily fit into a space too small for a conveyor scanner. The user interface is very easy to use and this combined with our operator training when the equipment is installed, will ensure that you are alerted to any suspect items you may encounter.

The built-in software and networking allows you to quickly investigate possible threats including Enhanced Powder Detection and capture an image. This image can be saved for use in future training or emailed directly to another member of your team as part of your escalation process.

  • Full colour TFT monitor 22” monitor
  • Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD)
  • High and medium Density Alert
  • 3mm steel penetration
  • 36AWG wire resolution
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Onsite threat assessment
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Operator training
  • Place on Advanced Safe or Suspect course

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MR40 X-Ray Cabinet Mail Scanner

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