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MR65-45 X-ray Conveyor Scanner

MR65-45 X-ray Conveyor Scanner

Ideal for higher volumes of parcels, baggage or larger items when floor space is at a premium.

About this product

The MR65-45 is the preferred x-ray security scanner for locations that require the best level of detection, from an medium sized conveyor. This model is designed to provide exceptional imagery that enables the easy detection of threats and restricted items concealed within bags, packages, parcels and cabin sized luggage up to 65cm x 46cm.

The MR65-45 X-Ray Conveyor Scanner offers you a smaller unit, but no compromise in detection capabilities. With advanced image processing functions, hazard alarm and latest software, all designed to assist the operator with the detection of weapons, explosives, narcotics and other contraband or restricted items.

Enhanced detection management tools such as energy stripping can be applied to screen for organic, inorganic and metallic composition, with images coloured based on density showing different tones.

With 1TB of storage you can capture and record scanning session information by date and by user, so that you can recall previously scanned images and then forward TIF or JPEG via email or USB flash drive.

  • Compact design and small footprint
  • Instantly view x-rayed images
  • User friendly keyboard interface
  • For use anywhere in your organisation
  • Material discrimination
  • Density alarm
  • Zoom up to 64x
  • Quick system start up
  • Tunnel Size (W x H): 650 mm x 460 mm
  • Dimensions (L x H x W): 2050 mm x 1300 mm x 895 mm
  • Approx. Weight: 525 kg
  • Conveyor Height: 720 mm
  • Conveyor Load Capacity: 165 kg. Evenly Distributed
  • System Power: 110/220V AC ± 10% 50/60 Hz, 5amp max.
  • Conveyor Speed: 0,20 m/sec. Forward or Reverse
  • Steel Penetration: 37 mm guaranteed; 39 mm typical
  • Wire Resolution: 38 AWG guaranteed; 40 AWG typical
  • Anode Voltage: 170kV, operating at 160kV
  • Tube Current: 0,7 mA
  • Beam Direction: Vertically upward
  • Article Separation: Low Z, Medium Z, High Z to 0,5 Z Accuracy
  • Cooling: Oil and forced air cooling

Perfect View (Detail Enhancement) (PV)
Edge Enhancement (EE)
Pseudo Color (PS)
Organic Materials (OM)
Inorganic Materials (IM)
Black & White (B/W)
Inverse Colors (IN)
High Penetration (HP)
Variable Edge Enhancement (+E –E)
Variable Density (+D –D)
Variable Gamma (+G –G)
Variable Color Separation (+C –C)
Zoom (64x)
Sniper Zoom
Recall Previous Images
Manual/Automatic Archive
Annotated Archive
Multi Energy Viewer (4 – 6 Color)
Atomic Number Display (Z Value)

Programmable Function Keys
Parcel Counter
Date and Time Display
Virtual Threat Image Projection (TIP)
Organic/Inorganic Threat Alarm
Operator Training Program (OTP)
UPS (For Computer Supply)
Multi Languages
Self Diagnosis
Generator Timer
Automatic Stop Conveyor

All our X-Ray Conveyor scanners meet all applicable international health and safety regulations.

  • US FDA Federal Standard 21CFR 1020.40
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974-compliant 6 : Available
  • Film Safety : ISO 1600 / 33 DIN
  • CE Compliance: Certified
  • FCC & IEC Compatibility : Available
  • IP 20 Safety: Certified
  • Maximum level of radiation the exterior panels come in contact with is 0.1 mR/hour

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