Metal Detection

Walkthrough Metal Detector

Walkthrough Metal Detector

Detect concealed metal weapons, contraband and mobile phones whilst keeping visitors to your site moving.

About this product

Do you need to screen people entering your premises for concealed weapons such as guns, and knives? My Group Security’s range of archway metal detectors are used to detect these concealed metal items, and even mobile phones, whilst keeping visitors to your site moving.

Walkthrough Metal Detectors, also known as Archway Metal Detectors use magnetic detection to identify metal items. These effective devices and are used for a variety of security solutions including highly secure areas such as airports and prisons, but increasingly are used at the entrances of public buildings and events venues.

Our range of Walkthrough Metal Detectors can be used as a stand alone unit, alongside handheld metal detection devices (also known as Metal Detection Wands) or as part of a wider security solution including x-ray detection to screen luggage and bags.

How do Walkthrough Metal Detectors work?

Walk through metal detectors use pulse induction (PI) technology to detect metal objects. These pulses are generated by a transmitter in each side of the archway creating an electromagnetic field. This magnetic field will be disturbed if a metal object moves through this area, and it is this disturbance that is used to trigger an alert.

Using a walkthrough or archway metal detector for security

Walkthrough or archway metal detectors are used at entrances to areas where visitors are entering or at exits if using to prevent theft from factories and warehouses. Visitors queue up and should have the ability to empty their pockets of metal objects that are not restricted, such as keys and coins, before walking through the archway.

If no metal objects are detected the visitor can continue on their way, but if an object is detected then an alert is triggered (either visual or audible) and the person can be stopped and a further investigation can be conducted.

MR6500i walkthrough metal detector

The MR6500i is a highly sensitive digital walk-through metal detector that is simple to install and use, yet effective for screening people for concealed metal objects such as knives, guns, mobile phones and other restricted objects.

With good recognition of personal items such as coins, keys and belt buckles, this archway has high detection sensitivity of both magnetic and non-magnetic metal. The MR6500i has 33 independent detection zones and outstanding electromagnetic and digital processing technology. The coil design and high-brightness LEDs show the horizontal position of metal objects detected, allowing the operator to quickly and accurately identify where the object may be concealed. This fast analysis speeds up the throughput of visitors to 100 people per minute.

  • 33 detection zones with high-brightness LED alarm
  • 300 level adjustments for each detection zone
  • 20 alarm volume levels
  • Colour LCD display with password protected interface
  • 100 people per minute throughput
  • Counting Function
  • Energy-saving Function

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Walkthrough Metal Detector

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